O’Connor Laboratory Completed Grants

During the summer of 2010, I was involved in a county board discussion about the ethics of nonhuman primate experimentation. While I oppose this on the grounds that similar studies have already been performed, one reasonable request made during the debate was to make previously funded grants available for review. Below are PDF versions of funded grants to my laboratory that are completed. Note that these were written for other scientific experts and not lay readers.

I kindly ask any readers of these grants to quote from them only in the context of the full documents - in other words, please do not take individual words, phrases, or paragraphs out of their original context as components of the complete document.

Adoptive transfers of CD8 positive T lymphocytes - International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Probing the HIV Latent Reservoir for Improved Vaccine Targets - UW-Madison Medical Education and Research Committee

SIV-Specific CD8+ T-Cell Immunity in Mauritian Cynos - NIH NIAID

Immunogenetics of Primates Used for Bioterror Research - NIH NCRR

Immunogenetics of Macaques Used for Biodefense and AIDS Research - NIH ORIP

HIV superinfection in Brazil - UW-Madison Vilas Associate

Adoptive transfer of immunity elicited by attenuated HIV vaccines - NIH NIAID

Exploring in vitro and in vivo T cell immunity to SIV with MHC-identical macaques - NIH NIAID

Defining the importance of CD8+ T Cell Breadth in SIV/HIV protective immunity - NIH NIAID